August 2009: Inception of first portfolio dedicated to credit focused managers

July 2009: Inception of first dedicated broadly Diversified, Global Macro, and Equity Long/Short strategies seeded by a global investment bank’s proprietary hedge fund portfolio. The investment team responsible for this proprietary hedge fund portfolio moved to Arden

2006-2008: $25mm investment in technology, infrastructure and facilities to enhance Arden’s business platform

February 2006: Inception of first Relative Value / Event Driven strategy focused on Asia-based managers

April 2003:  Assume ERISA fiduciary status for a portfolio for the first time

September 2002:  First full risk transparency account established

August 2002: London office established and approval/permissions from UK Financial Services Authority received

May 2002: Registered with U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission as an investment adviser

November 2000: First $100mm customized account formed for a large international insurance company

October 1993: Firm founded and inception of first Relative Value / Event Driven account