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The Shift Towards Defined Contribution Pension Funds
Defined Benefit (DB) Plans are offered as a benefit from employers to their employees. Employers contribute to the plan, make the plan's investment decisions and manage the plan with the goal that each of its eligible employees may retire comfortably.


Various Ways Hedge Funds Trade Falling Natural Gas Prices
Over the past five years, it became clear that the supply of natural gas accessible through hydrocarbon-rich shale formations in the U.S. is enormous and could furnish more than 100 years of demand at today's consumption rates.


Arden White Paper on Hedge Fund Risk Factors
Investing in hedge funds entails a combination of risks and complexities that are distinct and diverge ins some important respects from traditional long only investing. As Arden reflects on its nearly 19 years of allocating client capital to hedge funds (representing many hundreds of underlying investments in hedge funds over time), we thought it would be constructive to articulate as precisely as possible the nature and the extent of the risks associated with hedge fund investing.


Liquid Alternatives: The Growing Retail Demand
The hedge fund industry is experiencing a transformation as there has been growing investor demand for alternative investment products and particularly for liquid alternative mutual funds. Retail investors are looking for higher returns and increased diversification but cannot tolerate the liquidity constraints of traditional alternative investment products. Over the past several quarters, there have been an increasing number of alternative mutual fund launches to meet the growing investor demand.


The Diversification Benefits of Liquid Alternative Assets in a Retirement Portfolio
The direct contribution model is changing with an increasingly complex world. Retiring baby boomers are partially responsible for the multi-year retail rotation from equities to fixed income as they seek to decrease the risk of their self-directed retirement assets. Today, demand for fixed income remains robust while yields hover at record lows.


Citi: Fund-of-One A Customized Solution for a Changing World
Citi's Peter Hill, Global Head of Fund of Hedge Fund Services, discussed with three firms , including Thomas Murray of Arden on how a custom tailored "fund-of-one" a hedge fund program designed specifically for one investor can be a key part of the solution.


Barclay Managed Funds Report - Rising Correlations and Higher Vol Negatively Impact Returns
Henry P. Davis, Managing Director and member of Arden's Investment Committee, participated in a roundtable discussion determining whether a number of headwinds, including heightened market volatility, low interest rates, single security correlations, greater information flow, increased regulation and the shift of institutional preferences are temporary or permanent.


Size and Age Matter
An empirical analysis of the impact of size and age on hedge fund returns addressing the following questions: Does hedge fund size and age affect risk-adjusted performance? Does size and age only affect certain strategies? Is there an ideal size and age combination to maximize performance?


Arden Position Level Analytics
Arden's monitoring and risk management capabilities are enhanced through our expanded relationship with a third party risk aggregator.