Capturing Alpha: Alpha—incremental, excess return—exists and can be captured through skill-based, active management

We believe that strategically managing investments takes great skill and discipline. After twenty years of working with hedge fund managers, we’re looking for those who outperform their peers and don’t just follow the crowd.

We believe that skilled managers can beat risk-adjusted benchmarks—but not all of the time and not in all environments. So we use our investment tools and best judgment to select and allocate client capital to multiple managers who may employ different strategies, creating greater diversification than a single-manager portfolio. A multi-strategy approach also gives us the ability to react more nimbly to changing environments and rebalance the portfolio accordingly.

Our specialty is using alternative strategies to deliver returns to our clients  that are generally less correlated to the traditional asset classes. In doing so, we also seek to manage risk and protect capital, and we believe our investment process has integrity, is time-tested and is repeatable.