Arden is proud of its role in helping major public and corporate pensions and sovereign funds meet their investment goals. Our client-focused approach, emphasizing outcomes and collaboration, continues to inspire us to innovate as we find new customized solutions and engineer products for changing investor preferences.

Arden created its first customized portfolio—a $100 million mandate for a large international insurance company—in 2000. “We were early advocates of the now well-accepted notion that hedge funds can be additive to the diversification properties of the overall portfolio,” says Arden founder and CEO Averell H. Mortimer. Since then, customization has become central to Arden’s offerings and keeps the team on the cutting edge of change, shaping the firm’s evolution. “From that first customized account, we’ve evolved to meet our clients’ unique needs and objectives,” says Mortimer. Arden now manages customized portfolios for 18 major institutional investors totaling approximately $10.4 billion of assets under management and advisement (as of January 1, 2015).

The diversity of our clients’ goals for their Arden-customized portfolios showcases the broad range of our capabilities. Arden has created accounts that are designed to seek the following objectives:  diversify a credit sleeve with event-driven and relative value strategies; to supplement an existing hedge fund program with access to closed managers with low correlation to existing managers;  provide a return enhancer to a plan’s equity allocation focusing on event-driven strategies;  diversify equity and fixed-income exposures with a concentrated, macro-focused portfolio;  match a pension plan’s liability stream with a focus on relative value strategies; and many more.

Portfolio parameters may be specifically tailored to meet a client’s desired guidelines, such as:

  • Liquidity Terms
  • Beta to Market Indices
  • Expected Returns
  • Target Volatility
  • Investment Style
  • Tax or Accounting Requirements