Arden’s advisory account services arose from a growing need for large institutions who invest in hedge funds directly to be able to access specialized knowledge about managers, specifically, manager sourcing and due diligence.

Arden’s core skill set is manager research. It lies at the heart of the firm’s investment philosophy,  which is that alpha exists and that it can be captured through skill-based management. Not all investors have equal access to such research. “Hedge fund investors have different levels of information, so allocating to hedge funds is an inefficient market where it is possible to achieve an information advantage,” says Henry P. Davis, Arden’s President and a member of the Investment Committee.

Since Arden’s founding in 1993, the firm has made allocations to more than 500 hedge funds and maintains a database of more than 50,000 research reports on managers. Arden’s 18-person Investment Team includes strategy specialists who gather primary research on both emerging and more seasoned managers across a wide range of strategies. The research team conducts interviews and continuously monitors and evaluates performance, while Arden’s Operational Due Diligence and Risk teams provide more analysis based on rigorous protocols. This knowledge base and expertise is the backbone of Arden’s capabilities as an advisor, and all of our advisory services are fully integrated in Arden’s workflow and portfolio management system.

Arden’s advisory clients may also receive services such as:

  • Analysis of current holdings and assumption of coverage and monitoring responsibilities for client’s existing fund program
  • Due diligence packages on prospective managers, including recommendations and investment committee memos
  • Aggregation of all hedge fund/portfolio risk exposures into customized risk reports
  • Direct lines of communication to Arden’s Investment Committee and strategy specialists
  • Industry and strategic analysis as well as education, training and presentations
  • Advice on ongoing liquidity management and consolidation management of any liquidating portfolios