The launch of Arden’s first private fund coincides with the founding of the firm in 1993.

Since then, we have launched a variety of diversified, multi-strategy programs that allocate to hedge fund managers based on our tactical macroeconomic views and our outlook on which investment strategies we feel can best capitalize on opportunities at a particular point in time. All of our funds were created in accordance with our now time-tested investment process. Arden’s long-standing relationships with hedge fund managers provide access to funds that in some cases are closed to new investors. Through these relationships, Arden has also at times achieved favorable terms through the negotiation of fees and side letter provisions.

Arden’s private funds all share the same objective: to achieve capital appreciation with a relatively low correlation to the major equity and fixed income markets. However, the funds have different characteristics, from the higher alpha potential of a portfolio that is allocated heavily to managers who use an equity event-driven strategy, to the more defensive, opportunistic qualities of a global macro-focused fund, to the absolute return profile of a fund that combines relative value and event-driven strategies. As a result, different funds can play different roles in a portfolio, whether seeking to enhance returns, or acting as a substitute to fixed income, or dampening volatility to potentially achieve a steady return stream. Arden works in partnership with clients to find the appropriate vehicle for an investor’s particular needs and objectives.