Deciding how a client’s assets should be invested is a rigorous, multi-step process at the core of our expertise.

Our client-focused approach emphasizes customized solutions with an outcomes orientation and strong collaboration. Our technique combines top-down market analysis with on-the-ground research into the strategies, operations and performance of the hedge fund managers we consider in building our portfolios.

The process* works as follows: With the latest market and economic research, Arden’s 19-member investment team identifies potential managers with compelling investment opportunities and makes recommendations to the investment committee, Arden’s decision-making body. The four members of the investment committee are Averell H. Mortimer, Henry P. Davis, Ian McDonald and Darren S. Wolf. Once managers have been approved and thoroughly vetted, they are considered “investable.” As we partner with our clients to address specific investment needs and deliver solutions, the Investment Committee picks from this investable list to optimize a portfolio of the most attractive managers employing the most appropriate strategies, creating more diversification than typically found in a single-strategy portfolio.

Both the investment committee and the larger investment team continue to monitor the portfolio in relation to larger market trends and the specific managers’ performance, but only the investment committee decides how to adjust holdings, whether to invest or redeem. The investment team also tracks a wider peer group for all investable managers, both to measure performance and to find other promising new managers. Overall, the team follows more than 100 hedge fund managers at any one time, although they cover a much larger universe of prospects.